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Celebrity Gamblers: Stars Who Love the Casino

Love the Casino

Have you ever wondered what your favourite celebrities do in their free time? While some enjoy lavish vacations and extravagant parties, others find thrill and excitement in the glamorous world of casinos. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a handful of famous personalities who love the casino, offering a peek into their high-stakes adventures.

1. Ben Affleck: The Blackjack Pro

When you think of Ben Affleck, you might picture him as a talented actor and filmmaker. However, he’s also known for his remarkable blackjack skills. Affleck’s love for blackjack runs deep, and he has been spotted at various casinos trying his hand at the tables. In fact, his card-counting prowess became so renowned that some casinos reportedly banned him from playing blackjack. National Casino enthusiasts might take a cue from Affleck’s dedication to the game.

2. Jennifer Tilly: The Poker Queen

Love the Casino

Jennifer Tilly is not just a talented actress but also a formidable poker player. She won a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet in 2005, outshining seasoned poker pros. Her charm and skill at the poker table have made her a favourite among the poker community. Tilly’s love for poker goes beyond the spotlight, demonstrating that anyone can excel in the game with dedication and practice.

3. Tiger Woods: The Golfing Gambler

Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer, has been known to enjoy casino games when he’s not on the golf course. His preference often leans toward high-stakes poker and blackjack. Woods has been spotted at several top casinos, showcasing his competitive spirit beyond the fairways. His love for gambling serves as a reminder that even the most accomplished individuals seek excitement in different forms.

4. Matt Damon: The Card Shark

Matt Damon, known for his role in the “Ocean’s Eleven” film series about casino heists, also enjoys the thrill of gambling in real life. While he may not be as high-profile as his character in the movies, Damon has been seen at poker tables and casinos worldwide. His interest in the casino world adds an extra layer of authenticity to his portrayal in the films.

5. Pamela Anderson: The Slot Machine Enthusiast

Love the Casino

The iconic Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, finds joy in playing slot machines. She has been spotted at various casinos, often trying her luck on the colourful slot reels. Anderson’s choice of entertainment reminds us that casino gaming is not limited to card tables and dice there’s something for everyone, including the flashing lights and exciting sounds of slots.

6. Michael Jordan: The Basketball Legend Turned Gambler

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, has a well-documented history of casino gambling. His love for competition extends to the casino floor, where he has been known to bet significant sums on games like blackjack and poker. Jordan’s journey from the basketball court to the casino highlights the allure of risk and reward that draws people to these establishments.


The world of celebrity gamblers is as diverse as the stars themselves. From Ben Affleck’s blackjack prowess to Jennifer Tilly’s poker triumphs, and Tiger Woods’ foray into high-stakes gambling, these celebrities remind us that the casino world has something to offer everyone. Whether it’s the challenge of card games, the allure of slot machines, or the thrill of betting, casinos provide a unique form of entertainment that transcends fame and fortune.

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