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Types of slots: which one suits you and gives you more chances to get rich

Types of slots

There are a multitude of options when it comes to “bets” and most likely many players are confused when they enter a casino, be it traditional or online, because they don’t know what to choose, which is better. good or in line with the expectations they have from a game that is supposed to bring them some entertainment in addition to the supposed winnings. We set out to shed some light and give you a starting point by presenting some of the most popular types of slots available in online casinos, as well as their characteristics.

Classic slots

The most common slot machines have three symbols on a reel and are essentially single line slots and the objective is simply to line up the same symbol to win. The more advanced versions of these machines have three reels and three lines, having the same number of paylines, but these machines also work according to the same principle.

Video slots

Video slots are usually 5-reel and are specially designed for those who have developed a real passion for the classics, but who have more time at their disposal. As I specified in the first part of their description, they have 5 reels and between 5 and 21 paylines. Compared to the classic ones, they are much better “accessorized”, having all kinds of special effects that make them very attractive. Although slots are based on individual luck, the more reels a machine has, the greater the number of winning combinations that are possible on the paylines, thus improving your chances of winning by playing such slots. Some of the most popular video slots in our country are Sizzling Hot and Book of Ra.

Multiplier slots

Types of slots

You may have been advised to always max out on slots, but that’s not always the case. If you tend not to, then multiplier slots are for you. These types of slots do not offer additional incentives or bonuses if you place the maximum bet per spin, as is the case with the other types of machines, but they do have some pretty good payouts.

Slots with bonuses

Bonus slots are extremely tempting, their basic feature, briefly described, being that they basically offer a game within a game. Bonuses are “triggered” in the base game when a certain combination of symbols is hit, you are “transported” to a new screen and the possibilities are endless, often obtaining extra money or free spins. The downside is that you might not hit the combinations as easily as you’d like, but in the end it’s a lot of fun to try.

Progressive slots

Most of the time, they “work” exactly like traditional or video slots, the only difference being that they are linked to a network of machines, and a percentage of the amount bet by each player goes to the total jackpot. This jackpot tends to be the largest of all the other prizes that can be won in the “loafs”. To have access to these progressive jackpots, you are obliged to bet the maximum amount and then the losses can be significant, if luck is not on your side.

Slots with 243 ways to win

Types of slots

As standard slots generally have a limited number of paylines you can win with, 243 Ways to Win delivers exactly what it promises – 243 ways to win. Essentially, they remove payline wins and instead offer winning combinations from left to right regardless of the line they appear on. These slots are a new, extraordinary format with great winning potential.

3D slots

We have to say right from the start that there is no point in getting 3D glasses, because you won’t need them. But 3D slots offer three-dimensional images, with realistic characters and animations that give you the feeling that you are watching a TV show or a movie. These slots come in a variety of formats and offer quality entertainment, being produced by big names in software.

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